When essayist,  Phyllis Theroux wrote  a memoir, using her personal journal as the text, she removed most of the references to other writers and thinkers whose words she had copied down for  her own comfort and  inspiration. Over the years, she has shared these words with her friends and family.  But now, she  has gathered up the best ones and popped them into a fat glass jar called “Word Candy.”

Open a Jar…

Rave Reviews for Word Candy

“I love Word Candy.  It’s addictive.  My husband and I keep sneaking back to take another card from the jar.”   – Elizabeth H.

“This is much better than bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party.  It would be a great way to get a really good conversation going.  Well done.” – Michael N. 

“This completely solves Christmas.   It’s the perfect present.” – Lucy G. 

“Word Candy is irresistible.”  – Stuart B

“You’ve made the thoughtful life so easy.  There’s nothing like this anywhere.”  – Chris C. 

“It’s brilliant.  I can think of five people I immediately want to give it to for Christmas.  So I’m buying eight, because I’ll think of three others before I’m done.”  –  Janet S

“I keep Word Candy on my kitchen table.  Whenever I need  a pick-me-up, I use it.  Better than coffee.”   – Betsy G.