Word Candy Jar (Politics & Prose)


Inside, are 165 men and women – New England philosophers, French novelists, Hollywood entertainers, Holocaust victims, rabbis, renegades, saints, and all manner of other humankind – waiting quietly  to have a word with you.   It is your choice, their pleasure.

Keep “Word Candy” on your kitchen table, desk, or nightstand.  Pass it around the dining room table and see what happens when other people share their “candy” with each other.  Anytime you feel your spirit flagging, pick a card from the jar and let someone else’s spirit do the heavy lifting.  We’re all in this life together.  We need each other.  Pass the “candy” on.

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The jar comes packaged in its own attractive, glossy white cardboard box.

Dimensions 4.25″ H x 3.75″ W

Weight 1.6 lbs